It’s May, 2014.

WOW!!! I need to ketchup.

Reading over the past entries.. screw that carby cereal and that low quality kefir and that rice from Whole Foods Market. Ha ha. *Charles Barkley* Turrible.

So.. haven’t been makin’ that paper in over a month.. *Manziel’s weirdnipplepinch gesture* Smh. Anyway, recovery period is a bltch. It’s taking forever to walk from A to B.. it just takes time. Or so I tell myself. ——————————- Okay, weeks ago, my intestines got moved around, basically.

My life right now is all about..

  • going to the potty
  • freaking out during a soap opera
  • reading lyrics attempting to sing and never getting it right
  • laughing while watching a funny youtube video
  • trying not to laugh while watching a funny youtube video because.. everything.. hurts..
  • wondering why God gave me this demonic experience
  • cursing at no one during random spasms of pain
  • lurking for useless information on BuzzFeed and agreeing at everything; “That’s so true..”
  • deciding if I want to cook and then not cooking because I’d have to do the dishes
  • deciding if I want to get food delivered and then not getting delivery because it’s $$$$
  • deciding to eat snacks because it’s cheaper and accessible
  • hating and loving pain meds
  • visiting the mirror to tell my bushy eyebrows to stop growing
  • wondering why Solange hit Jay like dat.
  • confirming that The Struggle Is Real..
  • and of course…………… selfies




Been eating real shtty.. to gain the weight I lost. Womp.

More Hormone Imbalance Issues at the Expo

Early Saturday morning at the Expo, I attended another lecture regarding hormone imbalance. Dr. Cal Streeter, an osteopath, that talked about Hormonal Balance and the Problems Women Encounter. As the program describes, his lecture was about how the hormonal dilemma has become a monumental problem and learn how hormones affect the teenage years, child bearing years, and the perimenopausal/premenopausal years.

Unlike the Dr. Chi (from the previous post), he did not sell the Chinese Medicine treatment of Myomin for estrogen dominant conditions. His focus was more on progesterone for treatment.


From the best of my knowledge, progesterone is opposite of estrogen, and they balance the hormones out. If you have more estrogen in your body, then you could buy progesterone to increase those levels to keep estrogen levels down. And I do understand there are different kinds of progesterone out there. There is such thing as synthetic and fake progesterone and the almost-natural type called bio-identical progesterone.

From Dr. Streeter’s lecture, I found out there was such thing as HORSE HORMONES. EWWW! Also, that in medical textbooks, they would define progesterones and PROGESTINS are the same, and they’re not! There are supposedly 3 “sources of progesterone”:

  1. Pharmacy
  2. Human
  3. Horse

From his studies, high levels of estrogen causes body fat, sweat, fluid retention, interferes with thyroid hormone, causes headaches, increases blood clots, and reduces oxygen. He says progesterone can “damp the side effects of high levels of estrogen.” Side effects of progesterone are:

  • Helps and causes pregnancy
  • Prevents miscarriages
  • Protects breasts
  • Like a water pill, a natural antidepressant
  • Normalizes blood sugar
  • Proper cell oxidation
  • 15% new bone growth every year
  • Necessary survival of embryos

Streeter has met with parents with young daughters that started their menses. He advised for them to get off:

  • meats with hormones
  • pesticides
  • plastics (which give off harsh xenoestrogens)
  • commercial milk

According to Streeter, 9/10 of the young girls’ menses would stop if they changed their diet.

To test for estrogen levels and improve levels, he suggests to get a saliva hormone test, take progesterone for 2-3 months, and test levels again. To request for a bio-identical progesterone, you’d have to request it from your doctor, who will then request it from a formulating or compounding pharmacy to make it for you. Streeter also praises Dr. John Lee, a doctor known for educating others about hormonal imbalances, for pushing forth the benefits of progesterone.

Of what I learned in the past, reading a lot about progesterone.. some claim it works, but the problem I’ve read about progesterone (with the cream form anyway) is that when the skin is “abused” with progesterone, it no longer works. Like, when the body is used to it so much, that it would no longer be effective. Again, there is a lot to question, perhaps it works long-term for some and not for others. Because bio-identical progesterone may be the safest form of progesterone, I’m concerned because I have read that HRTs like this may have side effects. Remember, the body already produces progesterone on its own. But as I mentioned on the previous post, test your levels with a saliva hormone test!

For more info:

Dr. Tsu-Tsair Ch, PhD, Chinese Medicine Man!

Last Friday at Health Freedom Expo 2013, I sat in on Dr. Chi’s lecture about Fingernail and Tongue Analysis For Hormone, Diabetes, Heart and Cancer Issues. According to the program, it was all about learning how to detect early physical markers that correlate to various health conditions. It was also about learning about herbal supplements such as Myomin for estrogen dominant conditions, OxyPower for the lungs, the heart, energy and mitochondrial efficiency and Vein Lite for cardiovascular conditions.

My particular interest was in estrogen dominant conditions, but I found the other information useful as well because it seems any abnormal physical sign can indicate a problem somewhere in the body.. so, everything is connected! Sitting through the lecture, I felt it was more of a sales pitch to sell his products, but at the same time, I agreed to a lot of what he was saying about estrogen.

Prior to his lecture, I learned about estrogen and knew there were 3 kinds of estrogen:

  1. estriol
  2. estrone
  3. estradiol

I researched that high levels of estradiol trigger hormone imbalance, which can cause many estrogen dominant problems in the human body. Estradiol can be that harsh kind of estrogen/hormone injected in processed meat, it is found in birth control pills, dairy products, etc. Estriol is the “healthier” estrogen you want in the body, and I had read that it is possible to convert Estradiol to Estriol by eating cruciferous vegetables because it contains the compound, indole-3-carbinole (I3C) —which is something I have to learn more about!

Back to Dr. Chi’s lecture, it was such a great opportunity to find out what more I was going to learn about hormone imbalance. According to Chi, patients who likely had high levels of estrogen had belly fat and red dots on their tongue. He’s met parents with their 5-7 year olds who needed his help because their daughters started their menses early and they didn’t understand why. Chi explained that because the girls started so young, that they’re at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. According to his 2005 newsletter, that..

the ideal amount of estriol, estradiol, and estrone be in the ratio of 80:10:10..

to maintain healthy levels. High levels of estrogen don’t just affect women, but MEN too! It can cause defective sperm for reproduction, prostate, and produce man boobs!

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) was discussed too. HRT’s increases the risk of breast cancer. When describing an England study, he talked about how using an HRT with Estrogen AND Progesterone [together], that there was a 66% chance of breast cancer incidence, 15,000 more cases per year. If one uses just Progesterone, alone, then there is only a 22% chance of breast cancer.

His recommendation for reducing and preventing high estrogen levels is to get saliva hormone tests done for estradiol levels and to take Myomin, which is an herbal supplement; the main ingredients are curcuma and cyperus. Does it work? I don’t know. By looking at his research from around 2009, many of his patients have seen improvements: those with ovarian cysts, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, fibrocystic breasts, etc. Is it true? I don’t know.

The only way any of us can really know if this to be true, is to experiment with it ourselves. I don’t believe Myomin has any harsh side effects, because it is an herb, but more information is needed to understand what the main ingredients are and how they function in the body. Also results vary due to our individual diets/lifestyles, of course.

For more info: OR

Top 5 Pics Defining Health Freedom Expo 2013

Last weekend, I attended the Health Freedom Expo in Schaumburg, Illinois. Free on Friday, $20 on Saturday = for the love of cheap health education!! I took a lot of [crappy cell phone] photos, but I felt that these were the top five photos that described what this event was really about.

1. Awareness. This billboard ad was to reveal that fluoride is unhealthy for people to consume in their water encouraging the Portland community to vote for clean water. If you want change, make it happen and vote!

2. Sustainability. This too cool indoor technology will grow your plants.. why go to the grocery store when you can grow your own food right at home.. —so don’t tell me organic food is expensive :P

3. Freaking weird stuff. I admit, it’s a little looney to label this crystal a Prosperity Wand eh, bbbut that’s them and I respect that. It’s foreign to me, so I’m defntly someone willing to learn and keep an open mind about their beliefs. Again, so much to learn!

4. Education. I was about to skip Patch Adams’ lecture for lunch, but I’m glad I didn’t. He claims to have read his 38,000 books in his library, hasn’t watched TV in 35 years, guarantees to write you a letter back, arranges happy funerals for those who want it, etc etc. He is the true definition of a “Life Learner”. All the lectures I went to were at no additional cost at all..

5. Dr. Joseph Mercola. Anyone that is interested in natural health/alternative medicine, will know this doctor. He is most likely seen as the leader and face of the natural health movement.. because his site,, is the #1 natural health website in the world. He is one doctor that doesn’t stop teaching, and I think we need more doctors like that.. who are willing to educate!

Labels I love to see.. and kefir.


First time trying kefir. Its texture was thick like yogurt and it tasted pretty sour. I thought I would replace it for regular milk for cereal, but I’ve decided to treat it like yogurt.


You can see how the kefir [fermented] milk is thick by how it wraps around the inside of the glass.


At the grocery, I see now why I never liked plain flavored yogurt.. eh. Plain flavored kefir did not taste great at all, to me.



Keep these keywords in mind when reading labels:

  • rBST (recombinant bovine somatotropin): synthetic hormone
  • rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone): synthetic hormone
  • GMO (genetically modified organisms): “genetically engineered”
  • lactose free: no dairy
  • gluten free: no grains such as wheat, barley and rye.. basically most bread products
  • naturally cultured: fermented; when an agent like bacteria, yeast, or enzyme causes an organic substance to break down into simpler substances
  • probiotic: living miroorganisms
  • organic: product and other ingredients are grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers
  • low fat: ……………..don’t bother/not important

*** “Natural” on food packaging could mean anything. It is NOT the same as “Organic”.